Friday, February 25, 2011

"Rollback" The Propaganda And Tyranny!

History is a major part of the propaganda that each one of us has been taught by the State, the beneficiary of that propaganda. That is one of the reasons Tom Woods is able to lead the fight against the myths, the fears, and the superstitions that paralyze our opposition to the injustices and tyranny of the State. Tom Woods is a brilliant historian and he speaks truthfully, without the academic arrogance and self-importance of the bribed 'keeper's of the State's history.'

Rollback shatters the myth of the benevolence of the State.

The fact is that the State came into existence as result of the violation of the Covenant of Muhammad. His Revelation was to bring nationhood to human civilization but the usurpers of His Covenant rejected Ali despite his being appointed as the guardian of the Faith of Muhammad by Muhammad Himself.

The lower nature of the human beings, deprived of the Spirit of God, seized upon the spirit of the Age - nationhood - and being misguided by a satanic ego-driven nature formed the State!

What a vile thing the State is! No doubt it will take all of our effort to purge the State from the consciousness of humankind. It is what will destroy humanity at the macro and micro and ethical level, otherwise.

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