Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Liberty Issue Is The Winning Issue.

Ron Paul’s 'wisdom is about far more important things than winning elections. I recall hearing him say in a interview something like: I don’t really run to get elected; I run to spread the ideas of liberty. And when asked by his supporters what they should do for the cause, he replies, “I don’t know what you should do. That’s what freedom is all about.” Greatest quotes ever from a politician.'

The ego-driven politicians run for President for the gory glory whereas the greatest statesman in the history of America (and maybe the world) will run for President to educate people about the principles of classical liberalism.

Of course since everyone is thirsting and starving for liberty and justice Ron Paul will be the one that everyone is attracted to like a magnet. And this time around the unConstitutional coup will not be able to use the media as its exclusive propaganda tool because 1) there are already many, many people who know enough about Ron Paul to recognize their lies, and 2) access to alternative sources of information is tremendously large.

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