Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ethical Economics Education Is Essential!!!

"There are lots of consulting firms out there like the company I worked for that feed businesses and governments with analysis designed to mislead or obfuscate the truth. We had a partner that use to tell us that the truth can be what ever you want it to be with enough well placed words."
What you describe is a hampered economy that is rigged to serve the State rather than an unhampered market economy that simply serves to faciltate the subjective choices of humans at the societal level and at the world level.

What you describe is a cumulative burden of unethical practices piled on top of empirical and ego-driven interpretation of the economy which is completely severed from any concept of ethical economics.

Certainly the resolution of this 'disease' is a greater understanding of ethical economics. Therefore a greater understanding of ethical economics is of major importance in the scientific community and in the real world.

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