Monday, June 21, 2010

Divine Economy Theory Inquiry Response.

'Divine economy' is really another way of saying laissez-faire but it is more than laissez-faire since the reason for a 'hands off' approach is because finite human minds cannot comprehend the infinite intricacies of a divine system, which means that there is no moral authority to intervene. At this point the best way I can describe this divine system is by using magnetism as an analogy. Like magnetism economic equilibrium is an invisible force. Ultimately economic equilibrium serves to bring about peace and prosperity. When trust in God is replaced by an ego-driven desire to intervene the economy is corrupted. Needless to say humanity has yet to succeed in establishing a true laissez-faire, classical liberalism society and part of the reason for the failure is not knowing the true nature of the economy.

Since the true nature of the economy is divine - because the economy exists only because humans exist and humans exist as beings 'created in His Image' - the economy is one of the keys for the accomplishment of God's plan for mankind.

But do not confuse all of this with any religious orientation. I developed economic models using the subjectivist methodology to explore economics and I proceeded without the assumption that God cannot be a part of scientific theory. The subjectivist methodology did not restrict this approach so I guess the only restrictions were the imaginary ones imposed by scientific tradition and scientific orthodoxy. The reason the divine economy theory is cutting edge is because it goes beyond these artificial limits.

It turns out that - despite the confusion because of the word 'divine' - the divine economy theory is purely scientific and it even advances the pure science of ethics when that aspect is covered. The masters degree that you are interested in educates the student about macroeconomics first, then microeconomics, and then ethical economics - all from the new (although there have been classical liberals throughout history who also knew this) and exciting perspective that economic equilibrium is not just some random, purposeless force.

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