Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Statism Is Archaic!

What makes an educational institution relevant?

To some extent 'education' has been jolted by the internet. There are certain educational institutions and certain components of other educational institutions which the internet has rendered obsolete.

The ones that will go extinct are the ones locked into the propagandistic indoctrination of the State. Statism is an archaic concept, increasingly obvious now and wholly understood in the future.

Of course there are new and wonderful possibilities for educating people in their homes and in their communities made possible by the internet and other kinds of electronic media. And the flexibility of accessibility provided by the internet and other electronic media makes lifelong education more and more a way of life.

Nevertheless there will always be a desire for a rich cultural experience that can be well provided by educational institutions that serve people in that way. The ones that will endure will be the ones that nurture and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit.

Statism will be thrown into the rubbish.

The intellectual milieu will be similar to what Iona College appears to be striving for.

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