Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ethics Of Liberty Exposes The State As Tyrannical!

Why is ethics unattached to economics in these, the Dark Ages of economics?

There are several reasons. I address the scientific reasons in my scholarly works that were built upon the works of Murray Rothbard.

But also, one reason is because nowhere and no one can associate counterfeiting with ethics and this is not something that is acceptable in an educational system that glorifies the State. This depravity is not unique to the U.S. but it is worldwide because Keynesian economics has enabled the politically corrupt ego-driven interventionists to rise to positions of authority.

The fact of the matter, though, is that there is no moral authority for any intervention into the economy! It is unethical. So ethics cannot be given much attention in the Dark Ages of economics.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Entrepreneurs Can Set The Record Straight!

Entrepreneurship can be a very specialized skill but we are living in a time when entrepreneurship needs to become something more, something more encompassing. It is like the difference between good economics and bad economics. It is like being able to see the long run (not just the short run) or being able to see how everyone is affected rather than just a few.

The reason I say this is because entrepreneurs who accomplish their specific goal may find that their success in the future is greatly interfered with if they do not expand their role. Entrepreneurs whose social conscience is more world embracing will be alert to the destruction of the market and alertly realize that there is a serious attack on entrepreneurship in these, the Dark Ages of economics that we are living in.

Are you only partially entrepreneurial? Or are you alert to the destruction of the entrepreneurial environment but too cowardly to do anything about it?

Entrepreneurs are the driving force of the economy so they are very powerful. Therefore it is their voice that will command great authority. And that authority is authentic and moral since it is a natural part of the economy.

It is time for entrepreneurs everywhere to use their keenness to find ways to reach people with the truth of the market - that it is the bringer of liberty and justice - and the falsehood of the government - that it is parasitic, corrupt, and inept.

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Stimulus' Lie And Spending Half-Truth When Actually Bankrupt!

The half truth which is a lie but really only a half truth if it is called a spending plan was emphasized by Congressman Paul.

To call it a stimulus plan is a lie. It is a half truth because the spending will enter into the economy and give the appearance of new activity but in reality it will cause a universal stifling throughout the economy to pay for this special favor to the politically well connected.

At least the half truth of it being called a spending plan puts the claim front and center. As such it would very easy to show how absurd such a claim is. A spending plan is not what is needed in the condition of bankruptcy. Thrift is what is needed.

Make sure that the liars are called liars and make sure that the half truths are exposed to the scrutiny of logic.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Faith-Based" Lies And Propaganda.

If things go according to the plan of the unConstitutional coup they will successfully inject welfarism into religious communities. Then they will have these communities under control so that next, the unConstitutional coup can draw the religious communities into their wars.

Without this deep-seated hook of welfarism the religious communities would strongly oppose the wars for moral and religious reasons.

Under the insidious stranglehold of welfarism the religious communities will lose their independence, their identity, and their souls! The irony of ironies! All because they were seduced by the satanic unConstituional coup!

Oppose these socialist and fascist mandates guised as faith-based. They are no such thing. They are vile, and rearranging these letters, e v i l.

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Cut Every Unconstitutional Department And Program!

"Cut every unconstitutional department and program!" Now there is a proposal that abides by the rule of law!

It is a scientific fact that intervention into the economy is immoral, lacking all moral authority.

What is apparent, then, is that the 'system of justice' imposed on us is corrupt. Otherwise the rule of law would be the basis of all policy and the usurpers of moral authority would be identified as frauds and made to be social outcasts.

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