Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Stimulus' Lie And Spending Half-Truth When Actually Bankrupt!

The half truth which is a lie but really only a half truth if it is called a spending plan was emphasized by Congressman Paul.

To call it a stimulus plan is a lie. It is a half truth because the spending will enter into the economy and give the appearance of new activity but in reality it will cause a universal stifling throughout the economy to pay for this special favor to the politically well connected.

At least the half truth of it being called a spending plan puts the claim front and center. As such it would very easy to show how absurd such a claim is. A spending plan is not what is needed in the condition of bankruptcy. Thrift is what is needed.

Make sure that the liars are called liars and make sure that the half truths are exposed to the scrutiny of logic.

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