Saturday, February 14, 2009

Entrepreneurs Can Set The Record Straight!

Entrepreneurship can be a very specialized skill but we are living in a time when entrepreneurship needs to become something more, something more encompassing. It is like the difference between good economics and bad economics. It is like being able to see the long run (not just the short run) or being able to see how everyone is affected rather than just a few.

The reason I say this is because entrepreneurs who accomplish their specific goal may find that their success in the future is greatly interfered with if they do not expand their role. Entrepreneurs whose social conscience is more world embracing will be alert to the destruction of the market and alertly realize that there is a serious attack on entrepreneurship in these, the Dark Ages of economics that we are living in.

Are you only partially entrepreneurial? Or are you alert to the destruction of the entrepreneurial environment but too cowardly to do anything about it?

Entrepreneurs are the driving force of the economy so they are very powerful. Therefore it is their voice that will command great authority. And that authority is authentic and moral since it is a natural part of the economy.

It is time for entrepreneurs everywhere to use their keenness to find ways to reach people with the truth of the market - that it is the bringer of liberty and justice - and the falsehood of the government - that it is parasitic, corrupt, and inept.

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