Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Washington Post Is Dying For A Good Reason!

We can surmise with certainty that the real author of this anonymous editorial is the unConstitutional coup, that is, one of its propagandists.

Can we expect that the author would come out into the open? The unConstitutional coup is composed of an inner circle and it is an economic terrorism organization. As such, is there any terrorist that willingly comes out into the open?

The Washington Post is obviously one of its vehicles used for disseminating its propaganda of lies and half-truths, but the ability of this rag of a newspaper to influence anyone is waning just like all of the other newspapers that refuse to give the people the truth about what is being done to our Constitutional Republic.

When anonymous editorials in obsolescent propaganda instruments is all the unConstitutional coup can muster we know the time is quickly approaching when the identity of the members of the inner circle of the unConstituional coup will become known. Then justice will be served and the Constitutional Republic will be restored.

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