Friday, July 3, 2009

Auburn, Alabama Attracts Classical Liberals.

Auburn has a much-loved spot in my heart but it is not because of the climate, the football, the college crowd, the majestic mountains!, the beautiful shoreline!, the red clay soils, or the southern hospitality!

It is dear because it had the good fortune (and I was fortunate to have been in Auburn from 1983-1986) to be selected as the location of the Ludwig von Mises Institute in 1982. Few realize how great the contribution to civilization has been the works and the life of Ludwig von Mises. Those who do have ties to Auburn!

Gaudy football suites built by 'developers' oblivious of the noise of trains or the house of cards built by the counterfeit operation of the unConstitutional coup are like ill-mannered children trying to disrupt an important and well-prepared educational lesson!

Unbeknown to US News and World Report the irresistable draw to Auburn has nothing to do with the playthings of the distracted! From Auburn, but more specifically from the Ludwig von Mises Institute, the beauty of classical liberalism and the prosperity of Austrian economics flows like a spring of fresh and vital water. Wakeful people are attracted to its source, which explains the magnetism of Auburn.

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