Sunday, June 21, 2009

President Obama‘s Wish: “To Be A Better Father!”

This requires removing the disconnect between ethics and action!

Some may blame your profession - a politician - and write off any culpability. First of all you are the one who claimed that you wanted to be a better father! Second, being a Statesman is an alternative but to do so it requires ethics above ambition, humility above an ego-driven attitude.

Can the ethics of a good father be reconciled with granting more power to counterfeiters?

Would a good father choose socialism over liberty and the prosperity of a contractual society?

What kind of message is sent to your children when you support imperialism around the world which not only disrupts and most likely destroys the family life of many Americans but which decimates the lives of thousands of innocent people elsewhere - are you not responsible for the increased death rate of innocent people in Afghanistan, to say the least?

Who are your children to blame for the unconstitutional power grab that is going on as more and more unelected officials are designated by you as czars so that every movement of every citizen is under your watchful and increasingly oppressive eye?

When your children see the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer will they be proud to know that you helped to redistribute wealth like an economic fascist?

Surely you do not deserve a sincere ‘Happy Father’s Day!’

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