Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cheating In Ohio High School Is A Relatively Small Offense!

Cheating is an issue of ethics which really makes it difficult for the public school system to address. What standard of ethics is to be applied?

Can cheating be determined to be unethical when offenses of much greater magnitude are accepted?

We are talking about young adults, not children, and these young adults can look around and see the counterfeiting by the government, the monopoly licensing of gambling, the violation of property rights, the killing of innocent people all around the world, and the propagation of lies by the politicians day in and day out. Now expect them to abide by duplicitous rules of ethics that are carved up and handled in a piecemeal and arbitrary manner!

To be fair let's suspend their graduation ceremony and then let's nullify all elections that yielded a politician who does not defend and uphold the Constitution!

Then let us begin to address the issue of the inseparability of ethics and economics!

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