Monday, January 7, 2013

Another Reason Ethics And Economics Are Inseparable!

What is overlooked is the role of the flow of knowledge in the development of ethics.

An unhampered market economy is the optimal means for maximizing the flow of knowledge. When there is a corruption by ego-driven interventionism then the flow of knowledge is not only lessened but it is also distorted which has consequences in the ethical development of civilization.

Similar to the criticism of capitalism - when people look at the fascism of crony capitalism and say how undesirable capitalism is - it is important to compare and contrast using an authentic representation. So when we see how people choose what appears to be perverse goods and services because they are made available in the market we have to remember that the ethical development in that culture has been lessened and distorted because of the ego-driven interventionism.

In other words, all things change (ethics included) - including the goods and services that are produced because the people's desires are different - when the flow of knowledge is optimal as is the case in an unhampered market economy.

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