Friday, July 6, 2012

Divine Economy Theory Improves The Laissez-Faire Argument!

There are many, many practical applications from all four of the components of the divine economy theory (macro, micro, ethical economics, and economic justice). Prior to the divine economy theory the highest argument for laissez-faire was logic that appealed to the intellect but, as we have seen, that argument could be rejected for various reasons.

For example, those who then rejected laissez-faire would turn away from a proposal that the best way to improve prosperity is by a 'free trade arrangement', so then you would have to ask: How can this be considered a practical application of laissez-faire if it is rejected and rendered ineffective?

The divine economy theory takes laissez-faire to a new height and the logic is not only intellectually enticing but it is also connected to the human spirit so that 'intervention' is understood as an intrusion at the personal level and as a detriment to social cooperation and a hindrance of the advancement of civilization.

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