Sunday, January 29, 2012

Peaceful Relationship With Iran And With America's Own Citizens.

At 7:30 in this interview the rational and peaceful approach to the relationship between Iran and the U.S. is spoken about by Ron Paul.

At the end of the interview Congressman Paul speaks about getting rid of the disgusting TSA and having it replaced by the private security market, providing the security needed without the irrational, invasive bureaucratic nightmare that stems from bungling government services.

In between these two segments Dr. Paul speaks about the worldwide financial crisis created by the fallacious monetary policies associated with fiat currencies. He emphasizes the extreme severity of the situation but also makes it clear that the solution is simple - sound economics and honest money!

I suggest that you then listen to this interview again a second time to truly appreciate the groundswell of support for Ron Paul nationwide and to more fervently understand that Ron Paul is not playing a political game but rather he is championing the cause of liberty and justice.

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