Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ron Paul Speaks About Nullification To A National Audience!

The Huckabee Presidential Forum was narrowly focused which is not a bad idea, and the select interviewers asked Ron Paul questions that were designed to narrow the ability of him to answer the questions in ways that would broaden his appeal to the listeners around the country. Yet, Dr. Paul effectively answered the questions and respectfully stayed within the bounds of the questions. He was able to accomplish this because he is a scholar of classical liberalism and one of its greatest fruits - the U.S. Constitution.

Basically Ron Paul defended property rights and contract rights and State rights and civil liberties and the Constitution. This is true to his honorable character as demonstrated by his honorable service as a Congressman with an unparalleled record. And this is what strikes a chord with every American!!!

And then to close his contribution to this forum he spoke about nullification and encouraged the listening audience to rekindle in every State in the United States of America this very important principle that protects the States from the dangers and evils of centralization.

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