Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Marketing Half-Truth Economics Is Easier But False And Unethical.

Saying that Keynesians are "better marketers" is itself a half-truth! Promulgating any so-called "economics" without considering an ethical basis is like saying so many other fallacious things, like: candy vendors easily can convince children to eat candy instead of vegetables, or more pertinent, giving money to those who do not work appears to be alleviating poverty. There is no need (except that we are living in the Dark Ages of economics and haven't yet decided to seek the ethical solution) to accept such a perverse and unreal perspective as the starting point in an argument.

Half-truths are always easier to convey and so if the uneducated are more gullible that does not imply that the failure to reach the uneducated is caused by not being able to successfully divide the truth into pieces. Some responsibility rests with individuals - to awaken their own entrepreneurial spirit.

Now you can see why the State wants to control the education system - to keep people in latency so they can be fooled by the half-truths.

See if this is explaining (marketing) economics in a clear, simple, ‘moral’, and applicable manner: There is no moral authority for any intervention into the economy because all intervention causes corruption. The economy is divine and all human intervention is narrow-minded, short-sighted and ultimately unjust.

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