Thursday, April 1, 2010

America And Persia Dance With Satan!

As an imperialist the unConstitutional coup cannot imagine the uniting of the East and the West. The only unity that fits into the minds of these economic terrorists is worldwide hegemony. Just like it is that everything else is the complete opposite (lies are 'truth' and funny money is 'currency' and war is 'peace') it is the depravity of the ego-driven that is destroying civilization instead of civilization being carried forward in an ever-advancing manner.

The epic battle continues, but in reality it is not the petty name-calling and bullying that we see by these childish nations. Rather it is the permanent removal of the shackles of the ego-driven (superstitiously called Satan) from human affairs. It is the total destruction of the institutions that are built upon ego-driven interpretation and that are built upon ego-driven intervention that will be the blessing that will come from the ultimate victory in this epic battle.

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