Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How To Solve Two Piracy Problems At The Same Time!

As the saying goes: "Between a rock and a hard place!"

The unConstitutional coup in the U.S. wants to take away the right of private citizens to defend themselves while at the same time the only feasible way to stop the Somali pirates is to make it possible for private individuals and companies to defend themselves.

But then you might decide to speak like a neocon and say, the U.S. military will provide all the protection needed.

Reality check!

The U.S is bankrupt and in a short while it will be very clear that we no longer have the money to 'police the world.' And so, independent of the imperialistic actions of the unConstitutional coup the prevention of piracy is very possible. Also, independent of the unConstitutional coup personal liberties and a prosperous economy are very possible.

Why do we allow Congress to allow the unConstitutional coup to exist. Enough of their piracy already, enough is enough!

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