Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Media Prostitutes Of The UnConstitutional Coup!

Without Ron Paul and Peter Schiff the only ray of light shining out from under the shroud of media prostitution would be John Stossel's occasional free market examination.

Here's the good news! The unConstitutional coup is on the verge of losing control. Some of the media prostitutes are going to mature and with an eye to the future return to a life of ethics. They will cast aside the lies and schemes of the unConstitutional pimp and tell the truth about the sleazy operation of that kingpin of corruption. Due to the revelatory nature of this new information the other media prostitutes will have to make a choice: stay enslaved and dishonorable, or reject the bribes and lies of the unConstitutional coup.

Combine this loss of control of the media with the economic tsunami caused by the intervention by these economic terrorists and it is easy to see how very likely and quickly will be their demise.

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