Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ron Paul Wins All Debates Because of His Ethics.

When the other candidates can no longer evade the debate forum with Ron Paul they are thrust into the midst of a great educator and a great ethicist. Next to their political slogans, diversions and memorized platitudes the clear, truthful, penetrating, and realistic answers of Ron Paul to all sorts of questions shines like the sun in mid-day splendor.

Ron Paul's answers are not forced nor are they timid. They are ethically-based; and he accepts his role as an educator. He is grateful to have discovered the concepts of classical liberalism and he knows that America was founded on these concepts. He also knows how the forces of tyranny have always strained every nerve to extinguish its light.

How can you test the validity of this assertion of mine that Ron Paul is genuinely a scholar and a statesman and a great ethicist? Has any person that you know written a fraction of that of Ron Paul, and on subjects of great significance (and lectured widely on the same)?

Why is He considered a statesman? It is because Ron Paul knows that the Constitution represents the great blessing given to the world when our nation was born. He has worked for the restoration of the Constitution, free from any and all political motives. He is unequivocally the greatest statesman since Thomas Jefferson.

Always underlying the message of Ron Paul is the ethics of liberty. That is why people of all backgrounds find resonance in his message as he educates us all in classical liberalism. If I am a Jew, or a Catholic, or a Protestant, or an Orthodox Christian, or a Muslim, or whatever else, I identify with the justice and unity and prosperity that comes from liberty.

None of this happened by accident. Ron Paul works hard and honestly; taking seriously his oath of office to defend and uphold the Constitution. Not only does Ron Paul have a mature understanding of ethics but he lives ethically. His work ethic probably began during his formative years on a farm. Farmers, who supply food upon which all of us depend, can find in Ron Paul an exemplary citizen and fellow farmer.

This is why the debates are always won by Ron Paul. Even when there is a deliberate effort to minimize his participation he captures the hearts and minds of the audience. The reason? Truth is far more powerful than any scheme.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ron Paul is the Great Educator About Classical Liberalism.

Here we are, a nation and a world, dumbed down by government-controlled education. How likely is it that the sponsor of this education system will tell you that it is itself the major source of the problems? Hence we are in need of an educator that bypasses the censorship of the interventionists (both government and its media agents). Only now that we are witnessing the panic in the interventionists' camps are we able to see how remarkable is this feat. How aware have we been of the pervasiveness of the influence of the tainted 'education' propagated by the interventionists? At least three or four generations have lost their individual identity and have become serfs as predicted by 1974 Nobel Prize laureate Friedrich von Hayek in his best selling book Road to Serfdom.

Ron Paul is a scholar in classical liberalism. He has read extensively the works of Hayek and Ludwig von Mises and classical liberals from Aristotle up to the present. He is a published author of many scholarly works and has spoken for many years at many distinguished forums about the concepts and principles of classical liberalism. He is renowned for his awareness of the Constitution and the influence of classical liberalism thought on the founders of this nation.

Now, by the grace of God, Ron Paul has a national audience that has become a worldwide audience. People all across the nation and all over the world are learning about the principles of classical liberalism. These principles are liberty, private property, free market economics, sound money, peaceful international trade, voluntary contracts, and government that is strictly limited to protection of person and property from fraud or violence.

Ron Paul is a true classical liberal. There are no blemishes in his service to mankind. As a person, as a doctor, and as a stateman he has lived an exemplary life. Never has he compromised his principles for personal gain or for any political reason. Never has there been a statesman like him in our history. We have to look back to the likes of George Washington to find someone as principled and back to Thomas Jefferson to find someone as well informed about classical liberalism.

As you can see we are living in a unprecedented time. Ron Paul is humbly and effectively educating several generations of people all over the world about the power of freedom to bring about unity in diversity. There is not a trace of belligerence in freedom; which means that the hostilities around the world will quickly dissipate if the divisiveness of the ego-driven interventionists is thrown into the dustbin of outworn and oppressive ideologies.

Please do what you can to advance the ethics of liberty and the ethics of true education by investigating the message of Ron Paul. You will appreciate him as one of the greatest teachers that you have encountered during your life. Great teachers, as you know, are among the most important people in the world and they deserve all the praise and honor that we can afford them.