Monday, August 25, 2008

Improper Ethical Education Leads to Neo-Conservatism.

Who are the neo-conservatives?

First it must be clearly understood that they are statists. Because of improper education they believe that the State is necessary.

Second, there are variations but because they believe in the State they are interventionists. And because the State-supported system of government channels their 'leaders' through its political system there are common characteristics shared by these neo-conservatives when they get to a position of influence. They are all ego-driven interventionists!

Who are the neo-conservatives? They are the ones who have usurped the moral authority of the divine economy and imposed their finite, narrow and mostly pin-headed and oppressive schemes on the the rest, the oppressed.

Who are the neoconservatives? They are the unethical and improperly educated!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

An Ethical Education Is Beckoning To You!

Take action and act to strengthen your education and to strengthen your ethics. Use your entrepreneurial spirit, your alertness to real (not illusory) events, to identify one of the greatest opportunities so far in the history of this great nation and come together to save our Constitutional Republic from the unConstitutional coup.

Nowhere else will you be able to infuse into yourself the early glimmerings of the potential of a classical liberalism civilization. Nowhere else, in the immediate future, will you see how the virtues that honor private property and the subjectivist nature of humans transforms an amorphous but well-meaning individual into a person full of certitude, determined to contribute to an ethical society.

Wherever you are, if you are a seeker after the truth, if you are seeking an education and seeking to understand the purpose of ethics then it is time for you to give yourself a gift and give a gift to America and give a gift to the world. This is your opportunity, one of the greatest ones during your lifetime, to provide yourself with an ethical education that will galvanize you to help transform the world into a place of liberty and justice for all!

Don’t deprive yourself of this wondrous gift! Be sure to tell others and bring your friends!

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