Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Great Factor Of Justice In the Process Of Unity.

Since the logic of the human mind is universal; as humanity evolves and as civilization advances the divergencies that exist naturally across societies will lessen making unity more and more possible, especially when law is discovered rather than created via moral relativity.

What conclusions can thus be drawn? The subjective choices made by all people to cooperate because it is mutually beneficial will also be a source of enlightenment that will even further the desire to cooperate. This is what unity and the process of unity looks like.

The great factor in the process of unity is the existence of justice. The key here is the discovery of the laws that operate as part of the realm of human reality. These laws have to be discovered. Praxeology is an example of a science that is discovering these laws but there are other ways and means to discover these laws also. It turns out that these discovery processes are a characteristic of this period in human history and so over time advancements will be made as the laws concerning the human reality are discovered and applied. Each advancement in the understanding of justice enhances the processes of unity.

We know that the ego-driven interventionism and the ego-driven interpretation imposed by the State is a massive obstruction of the natural flow of knowledge. Unity and justice will advance best absent these barricades to peaceful and voluntary social cooperation.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Are You Prejudiced Against Capital?

What is the reason for the animus towards capitalism?

Some suggest that it is ideological, some say it is motivated by the envy that emerged from historical roots of haves and have-nots.

The chief reason is because we live in the Dark Ages of economics. Capital is an economic reality that is beneficial to humankind and so ignorance of economics is the starting point for this prejudice. Capital is productive use of savings for the purpose of betterment.

Is it possible to understand why the negative feelings towards a benign (magnificent, actually!) economic reality can be so intense? I am going to propose a new and exciting perspective, the perspective of a divine economy theorist!

Because of the destructiveness of forcing the empirical methodology on the subjective science of economics the true reality and nature of human beings has been squeezed out; replaced with nonsensical and sterile data. The spirit is stripped away, taking with it ethics and justice and liberty. This numbed and mortified condition leaves humankind in a greatly weakened state which easily succumbs to materialism as the ultimate goal. Aspiring towards a disease like materialism brings out the worst - greed and envy combined with economic ignorance. That which is good is the target of this venomous attitude and since capital is the transformative element in the economy it receives waves and waves of aversion.

Why is this aversion so strong? Human beings are spiritual beings and knowingly or unknowingly are uncomfortable being submerged in an ocean of materialism. It is wholly unsatisfying to the perceptive spirit and so the overall condition is one of discontentment. If educated properly - aware of the subjective nature of humans and the subjective methodology of the human sciences - this grief and misery would easily be sloughed off and replaced with the joyous celebration of the bounties of capital and the entrepreneurial spirit. Shackled by the economic ignorance of these Dark Ages of economics the greatest challenge - the greatest enemy - to this pervasive disease is the transformative power of capital. That is why it is a target of the hate of the ego-driven interventionists and the ego-driven interpreters.

For you and those who you care about it is now time to unlearn this prejudice against capital!

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